Pradeo Security, 360° solution for Secured Enterprise Mobility

PRADEO SECURITY solution delivers a complete, automatic and seamless protection securing Apps, Network and Device layers.

From the testing of your Apps to the protection of your mobile devices, PRADEO SECURITY automatically detects and prevents threats and vulnerabilities providing an incomparable protection to master your mobile security.

Pradeo Security engine performs both behaviors and vulnerabilities detection using static and dynamic methods and is the only solution able to reveal and qualify all behaviors of mobile applications and suspicious activities performed on mobile devices. It’s a leading edge technology for an effective protection.

Because your apps security is our core business, the innovation in Apps Security surpasses reputation technologies and determines exhaustively Apps behaviors and vulnerabilities. Do not negotiate your security and your mobility.

One technology to address all your security solutions:

The best security solution to fulfill all security needs from application auditing to mobile fleet protection. Your Security solution, your requirements, our matching solution.

It ensures protection for different Industry verticals such as BFSI, Health-Care, Telcos and others.

Our offer, called Apps Security, is made of 4 services all relying on our analysis engine:

CheckMyApps(Bring your Own Device) is our service to protect a mobile fleet and is the one to be integrated with MDM/EMM solutions. It ensures companies that their security policy is satisfied whatever the device of their users (BYOD, corporate, …). Security risk is coming from any app on the device: third party ones but also any day-to-day application (weather, game, …).

We also have a B2B2C version of CheckMyApps that is covering Telcos need to propose to their customer a security “add-on” to their business offer.

AuditMyApps: Our service to test an App detailing all the actions performed just from its executable file.

ProtectMyApps is an API to be embedded within an App in order to detect threats coming from third party apps. This service does target companies that are providing their service via an App that will be executed on the end user device (banks, insurances,…) where other Apps hosted on the device may intercept sensitive data (account number, login and password, …). ProtectMyApps acts in the background checking all updates and downloaded Apps and confronting analysis to the security policy that has been defined. As a result the protected App can stop itself or warn the user when detecting a risky third party App.

AuditMyFleet: this service aims to assess threats coming from Apps deployed on a corporate fleet at a given time. This service may be useful to convince skeptical prospects of risk represented by Apps.

Apps, a new security challenge:

Apps have declared usages and permissions like the visible part of an iceberg but also hidden behaviors and processes, the part below the surface.

Because your Apps security cannot give way to compromise, Pradeo has developed the Apps Security platform, to reveal and control malicious behaviors and apps vulnerabilities. Entrust your apps to the expert of mobile security.

Trust Revealing, a technology designed from the ground up, to help you master App threats

With years of expertise, Pradeo R&D team has developed a revolutionary App security solution. Apps Security detects and controls every Apps behavior and vulnerability.

A customized protection for your company

  • To protect your business while preserving its agility

Pradeo Security adapts to your environment securing Android, iOS, Windows and BYOD. No need to restrict your users, Pradeo Security automatically detects and prevents threats in regards to your security policy with a 360° coverage (Apps, communications and device).

  • To comply with your security levels

 You can customize each PRADEO SECURITY criteria to match your requirements.

PRADEO SECURITY ensures professional and personal data protection and get you aligned with Authorities’ regulations.

  • To ensure your Apps are not a point of failure

Pradeo Security solution controls and strengthens your Apps deliveries. Test your App in few minutes from its binary code to certify its security level and integrate Pradeo Security self-protection API within your App to manage threats from the source.

Pradeo is recognized as a leader in mobile security:

Pradeo Security is integrated with leading EMM/MDM players to ensure an effective management of mobile and securuty. Worldwide companies are relying on Pradeo to manage their mobile security efficiently and effectively. Fortune 500 Companies Trust in Pradeo

Since its inception, Pradeo has been rewarded with several awards such as Spiffy award, Huawei in Pulse, Cyber security…