At CaprusIT, we develop custom applications that cater to a wide range of dynamic business requirements. We ensure that the applications we develop are robust, secure and scalable at any point in time. Having learnt that the Software Applications for enterprises are not readily available in the market and that the Software Applications needs to be customised to cater to a wide range of dynamic business requirements, CaprusIT incorporates a strategic approach for the analysis, design, development, testing and integration of the applications. The strategy is to involve the business stake holders and the technical team as much as we can so that a thorough analysis of the requirements, designing the best possible solution and implementing that solution will take place.

Custom Application Development:

Most of the times, the software that suits a business’ specific needs is simply not available on a shelf. The existing packaged software or solutions are most of the times not sufficient, robust or flexible enough for one’s enterprise; we at CaprusIT can build custom applications/software to suit the specific needs of your business and help you grow.

Public and private sector organizations encounter decelerating challenges in the pursuit of keeping all their applications arrayed with their business strategies. Skilled work force is in short supply, budgets are pressurizing and the press on the business to keep on evolving is continuous.

CaprusIT offers an Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) solution to help clients maintain, operate and improve their business applications as they strive to attain high performance.

We offer

  • Production support
  • Application maintenance
  • Small-scale enhancements and
  • Service management

Our solutions are designed according to our clients’ needs. We help you not only reduce application management costs but also help you increase productivity —all while fulfilling 99 percent of critical service levels.

In addition, we improve response and resolution time by up to 25 percent for certain applications. We can also reduce trouble tickets by up to 60 percent and service request backlogs by 70 percent.

We deliver our services through a single point of contact.

Integrated delivery model

Our integrated delivery model is a well-tailored combination of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore resources that substantially reduces the complexity and minimize the risk of doing business in remote locations.

At CaprusIT , we believe that success to a business is through its cost effective Processes, enhanced resource-application efficiency and an optimized time-to-market.

Consulting Services provides an experienced team of diverse professionals and practitioners to help you think through and plan your IT strategy. With straightforward advice based on detailed analysis, consulting is designed to augment and add value to our already wide-ranging IT and BPO services, ensuring cost-effectiveness on top of technical excellence.

Solutions are strategized based on our Point-of-View consulting methodology. We take what we have learned from professional experience, client engagements, and continuous market research and apply it to help you solve your most pressing business challenges.

Whether addressing a specific deliverable or consulting on a larger enterprise initiative, Caprus IT offers a flexible and knowledgeable contingent workforce in the following disciplines:

  • Information Technology  (IT)
  • Human Resources  (HR)
  • Marketing and Creative
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Legal

Our flexible back office also enables a turn-key solution for any of our new clients—large or small.