Technology, as always said, will be evolving as more improvised and multifunctional technologies come into the market. As the technologies move on, every business should also move on and embrace new technologies to have a competitive advantage over its competitors in the market.

Legacy systems, for decades, have been providing critical business functions across several business segments. The shortage of resources, combined with production and performance issues caused by lack of agility and resistance to change are some pressing reasons to modernize legacy systems.
For organizations on a continuous pursuit for growth, the benefits of new business capabilities make the need for modernization necessary, yet the task of modernization is intimidating for the investment risk and business disruption involved. Also, a lack of a clear migration plan and process makes it one of the most difficult decisions facing IT executives. Modernisation and Migration is effectively done when there is a potential increase in productivity and where there is a potential decrease in the maintenance costs of the technology/application.
There are multiples ways (i.e., migrate, replace or redesign) to modernize legacy systems. Our Legacy Modernization services can set you on the right path. At CaprusIT, migration and modernisation services are tailor made according to the requirements of the business stakeholders. Migration to multiple databases, new servers, new platforms will be done effectively using methodologies/strategies such as manual migration and automated migration. We shall recommend a modernization approach that optimizes your assets and large portfolio of applications with minimal service disruptions and help you minimize the risks and the costs and optimize efficiency and performance.


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